Console display of ethernet LAN mesh gateway

In the console for mesh networks if the gateway device is an argon - mesh5, the micro-network is shown as (WiFi), if it is a Boron (mesh4) it is shown as (Cellular), however, if it is an xenon in a ethernet featherwing (mesh3) it is shown as (WiFi) - could this be shown as (LAN)?

That’s a known “issue” and was commented in some other thread I just can’t currently locate.
WiFi should rather be reading as non-Cellular :wink:
Anything that is not cellular is currently treated as WiFi - after all, for the WAN side it’s irrespective wheter you hopped onto the wire bound network via a WiFi AP which is Ethernet connected to the internet or just cut out that intermediate transport.

Found the thread

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Thanks - I did a search before posting but didn’t see that thread.

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