Connecting to an iPhone's WiFi and using its 3G/4G web connection?

I had an issue with connecting my Photon to my iPhone hotspot through the “Particle” iOS app as well. Here’s how I solved it. Hopefully this helps others:


  • The Photon doesn’t like the apostrophe (’) that’s included in the standard hotspot name (example: “Jeff’s iPhone”)


  • Fortunately, this apostrophe can be removed.
  • Go to “Setting > General > About”, and change the “Name” field at the top of the screen.
  • I just removed the apostrophe resulting in: “Jeffs iPhone”. You can change it to whatever you like as long as there’s no apostrophes.

Connection Process (iOS app):

  • Make sure the iPhone’s “Wi-Fi” and “Personal Hotspot” settings are turned on so that the iPhone’s hotspot is being broadcast.
  • Use a secondary iOS device to go through the usual connection process on the “Particle” app. The iPhone that is being used as the hotspot cannot be used to send the network credentials through the app, so use another iOS device to run the app.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there are questions or problems. It’s super useful to be able to use the iPhone hotspot to work with the Photon when there’s no other WiFi present!