Connecting Photon to WiFI for end-user via browser

I am working on creating a product but am stuck on the part where an
end-user has to have an account created.

Why can’t I be the “owner” of all of the photons/electrons that my
products use? I don’t have an issue when creating a product that uses
the Electron, since the end-user just has to plug the Electron enabled
device in and it connects to the cell tower after it has been
activated (a process I can handle through my own processes when a product is purchased). An
account never has to be created for them the way I am using the
Electron. Am I wrong with this logic?

I’m getting stuck at getting a photon connected to WiFi at an
end-user’s location. All I’m needing is to get the access point and
password loaded onto the photon. After the device gets connected, I
make posts to the device from my own processes. Does an account
really need to be created for a user?