Connected, but not responding to Variable inquiries

I have 1 Argon and (4) Xenons.
I successfully expose vars on the Xenons and view them in the App/web page.
But… after a while, the interfaces stop responding to inquiries for current variable value.
The devices are still connected. They are still publishing to the Mesh. The indicator LED is still breathing cyan properly. It just doesn’t give me back my variables…
What can I look at? HELP!!!?!?!

@Jeppedy, I had this issue with DeviceOS 0.8.0-rc.27 but it not with 0.9.0. Which version of DeviceOS are your devices at?

More detail… It’s only the Xenon I’m working on. The Argon is working fine since the update to 0.9.0. All are on 0.9.0

I am seeing the same weird issue.

If you manually reset one of the non responsive Xenons does it start working as expected?

I’m avoiding having to manually reset by having the Boron call a function on the Xenons to trigger a System.reset() which causes the Xenon to reset and then it reconnects and starts working again.

Here is the code I use to remotely rest the Xenons:

It’s weird cause the Xenons respond to the Borons function call over Mesh but it does not respond to other incoming mesh request for some reason.

I can force this to happen most of the time by hitting the reset on the Boron and once it’s back online and the Xenons reconnect and breath Cyan they do not respond to Mesh Publishes but will respond to a Mesh function call.

Can you test if after resetting the Argon via the reset pin if the Xenons stop responding unless manually reset most of the time?

I’m using the most recent 0.9 firmware.

@will @Joe This is the kind of behavior I was trying to explain yesterday.