Connect Serial device to USB

Good morning,
Is it possibile to connect serial device to the microUsb with firmware 0.6.0?
I would like to attach a rs485 converter to comunicate to other devices, because my serial1 is already used by an LCD.
Thank you, Flavio

I’d say no. Serial communication over USB still is USB communication where the serial data is wrapped into USB reports and isn’t the same as “raw” RX/TX communication.

But you might like to try my (beta) ParticleSoftSerial Library instead

That’ll give you the possibility to use “any” two GPIO pins as additional RX/TX pins.

Any feedback about that lib is always welcome (providing it’s constructive ;-))

Thanks ScruffR!
The problem is that i don’t have any free pin… I was hoping I could use usb for this reason…

And no way to rearrange or multiplex?

In that case you could go the “hard” way of enabling Serial2 via the RGB LED pins exposed underneath the Photon (assuming you’re using that)

I can’t… I will do in that way. Thanks, have a nice day