Connect Core to Cloud using CLI v2.16

I have tried restoring core with CLI v2.16, when i try to do factory rest with
particle flash --factory tinker
Failed to flash tinker: Permission Denied

But i can flash it with tinker firmware files using usb option.

After all that I run particle setup follow the guide and no matter which wifi i choose it does not stop rapid green blink. Cant get to cyan breathing, which i was able to few months prior.

Can you try particle flash --usb --factory tinker in DFU Mode?

Last page at 0x00038273 is not writeable
I get this error

The last page not writeable error usually means that the flash memory in the device has failed. If that’s the case, there’s no way to use the device.

oh thank you , it was too light to be paperweight :frowning:

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