Confused about purchasing options

What is included when I purchase a basic Core item ($39) … breadboard, cable, etc?

Will the battery shield work while the Core is plugged into a breadboard … clearence, etc. ?


The Spark Core option contains a Core, a tiny breadbord, a micro-usb cable and a Spark Sticker.
You can use the battery shield on a breadboard. It’s best if you keep the shield on the outside, since it will take some space. Take a look at the docs to get a feel for the dimensions, in comparison with the Core.
Let me know if you need any more info.

No offense … but that is the dumbest looking thing i have ever seen ! Will this unit work as well with the core (pin outs, etc.) []?

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There are some mixed feelings about the Mustache shape…
Although you could probably use the shield you’ve linked to, it’s not really ideal due to its size. The Particle devices are not pin compatible with a standard Arduino, due to size differences. You could use a Shield Shield to compensate for this, which will allow you to use pretty much any Arduino shield.
What’s probably more interesting is the new power shield that’s designed for the new devices. You can check it out over here: If I’m not mistaken, it’s also compatible with the Core. It’s stackable, with a much smaller footprint, and optimised for the Particle products. Please do take a look at it.