Conflicting Sensors

I have the Particle Photon connected to the Power Shield where I am powering it with a 12V power supply. I am wanting to read soil moisture and temperature at the same time but seem to be having a conflict. I have the DALLAS 18B20 temperature sensor that I have hooked up based on this.

I have also hooked up the YL-69 soil moisture sensor to the same particle where I am reading it on A1. I am powering this through the 5V output the power shield gives on the VIN pin and the temperature sensor on the 3.3V output pin.

Whenever I am trying to read both values at once, the moisture sensor always goes to 4095 while the temperature seems to be working. However I did have the soil sensor working at one point without the temperature sensor. Now it seems the moisture sensor is always outputting 4095.
Here is my Code: (Mostly take from DS18B20 library)

If you want people to look at your code (and maybe test it), you should either post it as text or provide a SHARE THIS REVISION link.

If you only have the LiPo powering the Power Shield, you won’t get 5V on Vin.