Compiling on CLI, No such file or directory with Particle Dev

I am testing out the ArduinoJson library. When I try to compile with Particle Dev, I get a “No such file or directory” Error. However, when I compile the same project with CLI it compiles with no errors. Am I missing something simple here or is there some error with Particle Dev?

Particle Dev


Error Message

Nope, that’s just the way it is with 3rd party libraries and the current version of Dev. @Suda I think is possibly the guy in charge of all that and he has certainly commented on other reports of this issue so he is aware.

I think you’ll find if you add the library to your folder structure then it will work from particledev too

We’ve just released Particle Dev App 1.19.0 which should fix the “No such file or directory”. Let us know if this helped!

Yes 1.19.0 fixes the “No such file or directory” thank you for addressing this.

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