Command Palete doesn't show local build/flash options

I installed alpha 4 but this is still happening. When I bring up the command palette, I get only a subset of Particle commands. I can’t see any of the local build/flash options for example… unless (I recently discovered) I go to the Welcome screen and click on “START A BUILD TASK” and then I get those options. Is this expected?

For local building try Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+B (B for Build instead of P for Particle)

weird, yeah that works. Thanks.

@darrenji - fwiw, in VSCode there are “Tasks” and “Commands”. “Commands” are kind of a super-set of “Tasks” - they can be just about anything. “Tasks” on the other hand are very much focused on running something on a command line - e.g. a build task or similar.

all that said, we’re aware of the UX disconnect between them - especially since Particle: Cloud Flash and Particle: Cloud Compile are implemented as “Commands” - and thinking about how to make things more intuitive.

Bottom line:

  • you can view all available commands by clicking the “View” menu, then selecting “Command Palette…” and typing Particle:
  • you can view all tasks by opening / creating a Particle project, clicking the “Terminal” menu, then selecting “Run Task…”

The Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+B shortcut will only show you Build tasks (we have both “Build” and “Clean” tasks)

Hope it helps!