Command seems to be missing from workbench

I am trying to learn how to use Workbench by following along with the Workbench tutorial. The image below is from the tutorial I am using (perhaps not the latest version?) and I am told to select Particle: Configure Workspace for device…

Particle: Configure Workspace for Device
When I enter this, I get the following.
no commands matching


Maybe I no longer have to configure the Workspace for Device and can just use the
Configure Project for Device But when I try that I get a message telling me to open a I can’t do this either, but that is a whole different issue.


My main concern here is that if I can’t trust the tutorial to be right, I have got real problems with my education plan.:joy:

I would really appreciate some guidance here. How can I make the move from the Web IDE to Workbench, which I believe is a critical next step in my education.


I answered your other question regarding this here already three days ago :wink:

What would that be?

Have you used Particle: Create New Project first

This should provide you with a project structure also featuring a file.