Cloud server for Electron?


I’m new in this forum. I try to establish the local cloud server for the electron.
I’ve followed this for the tutorial in establishing local cloud server:

Then I’ve meet error about “ec private key” and solved it, according to this:

But the electron still not working (Red light keep on blinking, which mean it cannot connected).

Then i read the firmware source code, and found out that electron using UDP with port of 5684.
Spark Server using Spark Protocol library, and those library basically using TCP with port of 5683.

So i modify the firmware in the hal_platform.h, and turn off the UDP for electron.
By using this, the electron is working connecting into the server and the light become Cyan breathing.

What i want to ask is, Are there any source for the Spark Server or Spark Protocol which using UDP?

Thank you

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