Cloud Flash don't work


is it also possible to flash a electron with a 3party sim card with Visual Studio Code with the button Cloud Flash? I get always the Message “failed” in the particle console.
Under My Devises I can see that the handshake was working and Particle should see my device.
Do I have to make some settings that this works or is this a feature for only Particle Sim card users (If yes I have no problem whit this).



Yes, all cloud features are possible with 3rd party SIMs too.
But you will need to select a Particle.keepAlive() suitable for your provider (start with 30 seconds and work your way up as far the provider allows).


with the keepAlive commands it works.



I made now some tests with the OTA flash.
I use a 3rd party Sim card and the APN provider I read from a config file that is stored an a sd card. So in the Startup I need the the system mode manuell that the Electron don’t want to connect in the startup to the cloud. If i leave the system mode manual, then the OTA flash is randon if it works or not. Now I set the system mode to automatic after I read the config file from the sd card and then the OTA flash works everytime.
Did everyone knows what the current compsamson is if the electron is all time connected to the cload? At the moment my device goes erery hour one time to the cloud and the rest of the time the cellurar is off. Mayby it would be better if I let the device all the time connected to the cloud while it could be possible that the current compsamtion from the connection to the cellurar is more.
So does it make sense that I disconect the cellurar? The end application should work with a sollar cell. at the moment the device is working around 24h with the particle battery. (I have other electronics in the system that use also this battery).


@isnagut, with SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) - when not also using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) - you need to call Particle.process() as often as possible to keep processing cloud communication.



I learn everyday sometings more obuout this cool device :-).
Software is just a hobby for my. I work as hardware developer. I find it cool that a noop get so fast an answer.