Cloud based IoT platform for < 50 devices (Losant, UbiDots, Azure, etc.)

I think the functions can be coded in javascript and typescript.

they charge per function execution, per write to db and per read from db. For files, I have no idea since I never worked with files:

Losant is $1000 a month starting now. No longer the $100 as suggested above. Quote received June 2020. Enterprise now starts at $50,000

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$1,000 per month.

What does that include exactly?

How many devices and actions come with that package?

Do you have a PDF they gave you with that info?

Over a year ago, I was quoted $50k/year minimum from Losant.

I requested a quote for the base Losant startup license in June and as indicated it is $1K/mo. There are restrictions of 50 employees max and no more than $1M in annual revenue. I currently use the Losant sandbox, the system is feature rich and I have not experienced any issues. It is a shame they make the first step after free $1K/mo. I asked their rep Rachael Drake to consider a base license of $100/mo she indicated they are open to customer feedback - who knows…

I know they are looking for bigger customers but I do agree that if enough of us ask them for a more reasonably priced next step up from their awesome Sandbox they would consider it.

@BrandonCannaday is one of the founders of Losant.

Brandon, we would love for you to see our desire for the paid versions of Losant that priced where we can afford to start small and pay more as the needs of our project or products grow with demand.

Any feedback would be appreciated since Losant is a great platform for Particles product line.

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I don’t see the Losant situation changing. They are after the enterprise market, which is fine.

Lately there is interest in the LoRaWAN community for

I’ve yet to try it. The pricing looks attractive for smaller deployments.

I’ve been using Ubidots for the past six months or so and I’m very satisfied with their platform.