Cloud API diagnostic (last) not in sync

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Thinkering a bit with particle with a friend and have a device sending data to our server via webhooks. We started sending our own diagnostics too but found a lot of those are already on particle’s cloud end, so i thought that i can retrieve those instead.

Problem is that I don’t get why, when i call the API the data is never in sync, even hours later. My device last reported at 5:20AM (this is what I store in my db as creation time as well as the “published_at” that comes from the particle event) today and the cloud API returns me the latest as 1:20AM (updated_at).

Can someone tell me why this is? bug? am i looking at timezone difference?


Hi @mm1987 - as far as I understand your question, diagnostics are typically only published from the device automatically under certain conditions (e.g. a handshake, a hard reset, etc…). You will have to ask the device to publish vitals ( in order to keep your requests more in sync.

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The question here is what are you actually trying to do or need to do?
You can publish the status of your device on a suitably regular basis including all the relevant data that you need. You can also put the actual local date/time on the device in that data so you don’t have to worry if the message gets buffered somewhere.

As an example - the device web app I work with requires a heartbeat/update from each device at least every minute except when they are sleeping. This means the web app can maintain a digital double pretty much in sync with the actual device.

Oh thanks guys! We found out that it’s something we ourselves can/have to push to the cloud. though it was something that happened automatically with any connection the device made.

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