CLI and Particle app can't setup device

I may be missing something but seems both the Particle smartphone app and CLI struggle a lot to setup new devices. (I heard device doctor doesn’t support Gen 3 -> Boron, Argon, Xenon yet but I thought CLI generally does.) -

  • For CLI sometimes it appears to search indefinitely for new devices (walk away for a while, come back, no change).

  • The app (2.3.11 on stock Android v9) seems to crash leaving you a random chance of (1) best case, device in fact gets setup but shows unnamed when you go to Particle Console; (2) worse, app crashes and device is still in setup mode, reload the app to resume; (3) worst case app crashes, device flashes white, and you have to reflash OS manually (usually need Zadig to use USB).

To be clear both CLI and app seem to freeze or crash equally on Photon (albeit older firmware like 0.7.0), Electron, and Boron (LTE).

And CLI version 1.40.0