Check for a particular Time to fire an event


I am looking for the best way to trigger an event at a particular time of day or even at a particular day. Say every Monday at 8pm. Is there a preferred way to do this?

My thoughts are with == the day I want to fire, Time.hour() == etc…

I think @BulldogLowell has had a library for that and there also is this


@frlobo, as @scruff mentioned have a look at Timer2 in this example:

@ScruffR, I’m in the process of completely refactoring this lib to use start/end callbacks. the original was just me converting my original from Arduino, I’ve re-shaped its use.

The Arduino is already updated, I still need to finish some simple constructors, refactor for Particle’s time library and put into new library format.


You could use IFTTT to ping your device using the date&time module. That’s an extra service to configure, but then you can easily update the timing if necessary without modifying your firmware.


Thank you everyone for your help!

@BulldogLowell will give it a shot! Thanks

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