Charge battery without boot up [Resolved]

Hello, I am using a switch between my battery and the electron to turn on/off the device. Now i want to supply voltage to VIN to charge the battery only but the device is booting at the same time. Anyway to just charge the battery when VIN is high and only boot the device when the battery is connected?

Hmm, isn’t that somehow self contradictory?
To charge the battery it needs to be connected, but then the device will also be booting since the battery is connected, or not?

You could on the other hand have a switch that keeps the RST pin LOW, which in turn keeps the Electron from booting but the battery can be charged.
Or you let the Electron bootup but then double tap the MODE button to send it back to sleep.

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A special switch is used (LTC2954 with a MOSFET) as a power switch so the battery is somehow always connected. So if i set the RST pin to LOW the electron will never turn up? That´s perfect!

Yup, that’s the plan

Is it possible to change the reset pin’s pull up resistors to pull down? (I will set the reset pin to my battery when the switch get´s turned on)

Nope, the function of the reset pin is hardwired in the silicon of the micro controler!
You might be able use an inverter, but that’d use some of your power.

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Ok perfect thanks for your help!