Electron DIO subject to false triggering? Battery mgmt. Rebooting device


Issue #1: I have breadboard prototype with a lot of stuff on it. And, unfortunately, somewhat long wires (like 8" max) mainly going to switches. When I move the breadboard to the floor next to me, I will often hear that cell-signal-interference sound over nearby speakers and will occasionally get a false trigger of a DIO. Very ungood! Since it already has a built-in pull-up resistors, I’m not sure what I can do except maybe add a capacitor across the switches? If so, what value? I know I have long-ish wires (like 8" max) but this thing shouldn’t trigger.

Issue #2: On an unrelated issue, the battery pack seems to be sticking around 86% charge level. Is that a problem or it the circuit just managing it?

Issue #3: Last question, anyone happen to know a way to reset the Electron from the sketch?? Since the product will be encased and the user will not have access to the board – and I’d prefer not adding a reset button to the device – I’d like to be able to completely reboot the device under software control. I cannot find anything in the Reference.

Thanks for any and all answers!!


Are you also using them correctly via pinMode(pin, INPUT_PULLUP) (or INPUT_PULLDOWN)?
How does your code look?
You can always add external stronger pull-resistors.

That is a normal behaviour due to limiting the max charge voltage for safety reasons.
You could lift that limit slightly if you want to take the risk and can make sure that the temperature won’t exceede 45°C.
See here Electron Charging?

System.reset() would be the obscure call

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@ScruffR thanks for the feedback. I’m setting the pins to PULLUP and triggering them with ground. I shortened all my wires and things seem to be okay.

Thanks for the other info.


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