Changing Wifi network types


I was wondering if it is possible to change the wifi network BSS types on a photon. In other words to have it act as a peer-to-peer IBSS mode in one instance and then change to STA mode in BSS mode using an API call.

I see a data structure wiced_bss_type_t defined in wwd_constants.h but it does not appear to be manipulated in any of the firmware code,

Thank you.

That’s a feature slated for a future release (currently either 0.7.0 or 0.8.0)

Thanks @ScruffR.

I would be happy to help with the development of this feature if needed.

I’m sure Particle would appreciate pull requests on any of these issues

Especially this one should target your request/proposal

Or if none of them does hit it head on, you can always open a new “issue” to request/propose new features

Thanks for the pointers @ScruffR. I’ll start having a look there first.

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