CELLULAR USAGE Statistic and explanation [Solved]

There is, but do you actually know beforehand whether you will need the cellular connection or not, as I already pointed out further up

If you can be certain to not need the connection after next wake, you can turn the radio off, but you have to be aware that you will consume up to 6K if you’ll need the connection after all.
It’s just up to your own predictions - if they are correct, you’ll save power and data if they are wrong you might lose more than you had saved beforehand.
Noone can take that responsibility off you.

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This what support answered

Rick - Tech Support (Particle )
Sep 19, 02:51 PDT



The important thing is that you must Particle.disconnect() before you go to sleep.


Waking up from sleep mode will restore the previous connected state, and if you were previously connected it will reconnect again, using about 6Kbytes of data.

Using SEMI_AUTOMATIC (or MANUAL) mode allows you to wake up, do some data processing, then go back to sleep. This is handy if you want to gather sensor data, for example, and publish it less frequently, say a couple times a day to save data.

I hope this is helpful,

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@murdemon do you feel like the questions you had about the high data usage have been answered sufficiently? Is there more we can do to help?


Thanks now data usage is smalleer than before … look like it is help for now. If i update in future firmware … itmust working same way as i understand ?

If you program it the same way, it should behave the same. But that’s up to you :wink: