It's a mystery concerning data usage

It's a bit of a mystery where data is being consumed by devices. For example, one of my devices used 15.267 MB of data while sending on average 3 messages out per day.That device shows cellular quality and signal at 20% and 25% respectively, so not great. I thought that may be the issue, but another device used only 3.3MB and has 7% and 2% quality/signal.

I assumed that if a chip is at the edge of cell connectivity it might drive up data usage as it works overtime to maintain connection to Particle's servers, but the two examples above don't back up this theory. Or, perhaps there's something I'm not taking into account?

It would be awesome to know more in depth what drives data usage and why some devices are skyrocketing to many, many MB even while sending out a tiny amount of messages. Is there documentation about this or can some one explain better about whats going on?

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+1 I'm seeing similar issues. I have a few devices that over the last month started reporting very high data usage when compared to previous months. Something seems very odd here.

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