Cellular network warning outdated session data

Hi there @ravbrar. My company is also seeing recent issues w/ connectivity, and have seen the same symptom that device vitals / other things are heatlhy, but Cellular Network shows the ‘Outdated Session Data’ message. Did you find a resolution?

@jeiden (hey there, I’m Pavel w/ Opti) I have also seen this thread Outdated Session Data related to Outdated Session Data which is making me wonder if there is a wider spread issue impacting multiple people. We are at around 11 in-the-field devices that have been running fine for quite some time and are now experiencing outages in the minutes to hours range. We noticed this recently and don’t have a full picture painted yet / have not had our hands on a device for further diagnosis, but I am wondering if you all have seen / fixed this for any customers. We’ll be reaching out via official support channels w/ more info like device IDs but I wanted to also post back here to see if you or @ravbrar have found a resolution / have any more info that could be useful to the community. Thanks!