I am having trouble with an AT command which doesn’t send me 2 response,
“AT+CEREG?” just show me “OK” and not the information that I want.
This is the information that it’s normally showing:

+CEREG: <n>,<stat>[,[<tac>],[<ci>],

on the other hand, response like AT+CCID show me the good output.

It’s not possible to get the results of AT+CEREG? on Gen 3 devices including the Boron.

The reason is that the response is a URC (unsolicited result code), and URCs are not passed to the Cellular.command response handler on Gen 3 devices. It’s possible to register a URC handler, but not from user firmware, so essentially you can’t get the response.


Is it possible that you can give an example of how to register a URC handler?

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