Cellular.command() on Boron?

Has anyone tried to use Cellular.command() on the Boron? I’ve verified that the radio is on (both by checking Cellular.ready() as well as explicitly calling Cellular.on() and Cellular.connect()). I feel like I may be missing something obvious, but no matter what I do, the function always returns a value of -120 (which is not one of the documented return codes). I’ve tried it both with and without the use of a callback function. If I specify a calllback function, the callback is never invoked so I think it must be going off the rails fairly early in the process.

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It looks like it’s not implemented yet. SYSTEM_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED = -120.

int cellular_command(_CALLBACKPTR_MDM cb, void* param, system_tick_t timeout_ms, const char* format, ...) {
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I’m also expecting this function to work…