Can't tell how to power this other board with the spark?

I want to power my core with this: That will feed 3.7v into the VIN pin.
Then, I need to power this:
That vs1053 breakout has a VCC pin and a 3v3 pin. I’m hoping I can power one of those pins with the 3v3 output from the Spark core 3v3 pin. I just don’t know how I can tell whether the VCC pin can accept 3v3 to run the board, or whether the 3v3 pin on the vs1053 is an input or an output. Here’s the schematic for the breakout board:


Feeding 3.7V to VIN is little on the low side:

Looking at the tutorial for vs1053, you will need to power up the board using 5V though…

Got it. That’s a step in the right direction. I picked this up to power and charge at the same time:

That one does 5.2v and charges the battery at the same time.


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