Can't start/find CLI after insailling on a Win 7 computer

After letting my project sit for too long, my access tokens disappeared from the WEB IDE Settings section.

It doesn’t appear that what was downloaded as ParticleCLISetup actually installed anything.

I need to get CLI running so I can restore the access token so I have access to Particle variables in the cloud.

I’m missing something simple here.

Web IDE also has an option to create a new access token.

Have you tried running particle in cmd?

ScruffR, thank you so much for responding.
For the life of me I can’t find how to get the new token. I had everything working on the code and HTML side until the token expired.
I assume you mean cmd in the web based Particle IDE. I can’t find it or I’m simply just missing something. that’s right in front of me.
Can you point me to where I can find it or how to navigate to it.
Regards, Bill

No, open a command window (Win-R -> cmd) and then type in particle?

Yes I meant Web IDE for the first part but as it seems something has changed and Particle has removed that feature (I never realised :blush:).
So now the docs here as well as any tutorial that refers to that place to find your acces token are "wrong" too - @rickkas7?
Now they just refer you to CLI.

For that cmd is the Windows Command Line - you could also use PowerShell but cmd good enough for that.

ScruffR, I have it working. I missed, or the documentation, didn’t indicate I needed to use the DOS command line in Windows to run CLI.

I thought the token once showed up in the Particle IDE, so I could copy and paste it, but it doesn’t. That should have not been removed.

Thanks so much for your help.

Best, Bill

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