Can't reference installed libraries

Just started with Boron a few days ago and I can flash it and trigger events from the console, but now I'm having issues referencing installed libraries, either from the CLI or from the Particle Workbench command prompt.

I'm trying to follow this example here to feed U-blox GNSS data from a Sparkfun breakout to the Boron.

It doesn't seem to work when I reference libraries how I normally would

#include "SparkFun-u-blox_GNSS_v3.h"

Even writing out the full library path doesn't let me access anything from libraries. Tried other libraries too like for the Grove temperature and humidity sensor but the same issues persists.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to access libraries? Thanks!

You just want the name of the include file, without the path.

I believe what you are seeing is an Intellisense issue, not a compile issue. You'll get the red squggle, but when you try to compile it will succeed. If that's what's happening, see this post for how to get VSCode to update its library search paths correctly.

Thanks for clarifying. It looks like the problem might be with the library itself instead of the reference. The GNSS library has reference problems but the DHT temperature sensor seems to work fine.

As long as you can successfully compile the source you can just ignore the warnings for SFE_UBLOX_GNSS and other things defined with it.