Can't get Photon to connect to cloud in Safe Mode

My Photon was working fine and still communicates fine over USB, but Wifi is not working. If the device is put into Safe Mode the LED flashes 3 x cyan, then 5 x fast cyan, then 1 brief red, then back to flashing cyan again. It repeats this loop sequence approx every 10-12 seconds. No breathing magenta.

To try to fix the problem, I erased the Wifi credentials, then used my Android phone to get things going again. This improved things from flashing blue to flashing cyan (as above).
Firmware on the device is 0.6.1
The application I’m running on the Photon has the Wifi switched off using:


Part of the code should allow me to switch the Wifi on again when “back at base” - this code worked last week, but not this week! I have not changed any code.

The flash of red in Safe Mode suggests something serious. Any ideas?

I would place it in DFU mode and do a particle flash --usb tinker and particle keys server using the CLI to see if things start working again.


I did all that - both flash and keys were successful. Still the same problem - flashing cyan interrupted every 10-12 seconds with a flash of red. Of course, my code is no longer running! I have always updated my code through Wifi - sorry to be a plonker, but how do I flash my code to the Photon through USB?

It looks to me as if something hardware has failed with Wifi, but in this particular instance I can live without Wifi as long as I can get my code on to the Photon through USB. Help greatly appreciated!


I’m guessing compiling locally rather than using the cloud is the only way to create a local file I can send to the Photon via USB.

@gotopcs, you CAN use the web IDE to download the bin file which you can flash via USB. Simply click on the “cloud” icon on the RHS of the app name to download the bin.

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Thanks for that. I have downloaded my compiled code, so next step will be to try to flash it to the Photon (when I get home from work).

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Flashed my code via USB. It ran OK.
Re-flashed tinker to see if Wifi would work again. No. Still flashing cyan with a single red flash every 10 seconds. Do I have a hardware fault?
Flashed my code again (which is not dependent on Wifi) and that still runs OK. It is used to log voltage data with the result stored in an external EEPROM. After returning to base, the data is downloaded to the PC via a USB link.

I’d still like the Wifi to connect to the cloud though! I have a second Photon (much older) which connects through my router to the cloud no bother at all. It just sits there breathing cyan like it’s supposed to, so no troubles with the router.

You may want to use both these commands in combination (while in DFU Mode)

particle keys doctor <insertYourDeviceID>
particle keys server

Went into DFU mode (blinking yellow) after connecting via USB. Typed in the first command and received:

Found DFU device 2b04:d006
Found DFU device 2b04:d006
Error creating keys… Error: Command failed: openssl genrsa -out 360043000747353138383138_rsa_new.pem 1024
’openssl’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Make sure your device is in DFU mode (blinking yellow), and that your computer is online.

Computer is definitely online, Particle is not as Wifi module? has failed. How to get a fix? What next? Service ticket?

The second (server) command seemed to execute successfully ending with:
Okay! New keys in place, your device will not restart.
So, pressed reset and tried to enter safe mode. Same problem - flashing cyan with occasional flashes of red.

You need the 3rd party tool OpenSSL installed and set up in your PATH.
The Windows CLI Installer should have taken care of that.
(you may need to remove previous install)

Thanks for the help so far.
Re-installed WindowsCLI - an error occurred and openssl path was not set up. Error flashed past so no idea what it was. Anyhow, I edited the path manually and openssl now runs in the doctor command successfully. Ran the server command as well. Also successful. Tried to enter safe mode. Several flashes of cyan then breathing magenta.
I read the FAQ on breathing cyan. Re-installed the firmware successfully. Tried safe mode again - flashing cyan then breathing magenta.
Tried again - now flashing cyan continuously with an occasional red flash

Have you tried particle update and particle flash --usb tinker already?

I have just tried that. Flashing cyan with occasional reds. On the lead up to “steady state”, there are 3 slow flashes of red/orange. Any clues?

Breathing magenta would have been a good sign as it indicates Safe Mode, the best basis to flash new firmware.

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But it wasn’t consistent with breathing magenta. And now it won’t do it at all. Is there a simple way I can go back to “factory fresh” and build from there?

What @Moors7 said a few posts up.

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When the photon reboots after “update” and flashing tinker, I’d expect it to flash green then cyan, then breath cyan. It does not. It flashes green three times, then cyan 3 times, the a couple of very fast cyan followed by a red. It does the cyan-red sequence many times, the number of medium speed cyan flashes gradually increases to about 20 before the fast flashes and the red flash, then the cycle goes round again.
Back to basics. I put the Photon into listening mode, then used my phone to set it up. This seemed to be successful according to the phone app. I pressed reset - white, then green flashes, then cyan flashes followed by red, same sequence as above.
I understand the fast cyan flashes are the cloud handshake which presumably is failing. Have I lost the access key perhaps?

Can you post a video of the color codes?

Well, dang my dingleberries! As soon as I posted the last cry for help, I went through the particle keys server, then particle keys doctor sequence (the reverse of what you’d said earlier in this thread) and glory be! Breathing cyan. Yippee! Thanks for your help and patience - I am now up and running again.