Can't get Dev working - "Cannot read Property..."[Resolved]

Installed on two Macs running 10.10.5. Both throw this error on compilation:

I’ve got SparkJS installed and the CLI stuff all works great.

FYI I’m having the same issue today.

I went through something similar and uninstalled all versions of Dev/CLI, deleted all reg keys and app/roaming data from windows profile. Rebooted, reinstalled and it went away. That error can also come from a compile error I think. Try compile from Cli and see what it says, I had a printf statement buried in a lib that kept me from building from Dev.

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You know, earlier today I uninstalled the cli and spark dev and even went and updated to the newest version of node.js. Evidently node.js was updated in a major way a few days ago and if you have the latest version the CLI won’t install with npm (also I think the new node release may be causing problems with the dev tool).

Are you also running node 4.0.0? Wonder if that’s the issue…


Indeed -
SC-M-RLANGSTON:homedir SC-M-rlangston$ node -v

Actually, my other system seems to have an old version of node, and still has this issue:
Richards-MacBook-Pro:~ rich$ node -v

Yeah, I uninstalled 4.0.0 and reinstalled an old version and still had the problem. Eventually I found that when I removed a space from my project file name (Project Name.ino vs ProjectName.ino) the issue resolved itself. LMK if that works for you too. :wink:

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Yeah. I am very sad to say that you’re right. Removing the space fixes it.

Also, I discovered that you must save before you try to compile. Or it will alert on errors you’ve already fixed.

I’ve got some errors in my code to fix. Hopefully I’ll be able to successfully flash after that.