Can't flash after bad firmware was uploaded to the photon


I have a photon to which I uploaded some broken firmware, that compiled correctly but still I was doing some “ilegal” instructions. Can’t show the code because that was 2 days ago and I already changed it in the IDE and can’t remember exactly what it was.

The thing is that each time I plug the photon to the computer it powers on, executes the firmware, breaks because of the ilegal instruction and then shows state connected (blue led slowly fading on and off), but trying to upload new firmware results in a Request timed out. And now the green led is fading on and off (cloud not connected) which I don’t really mind since I don’t use the cloud. But still can’t flash new firmware.

What would be the way to proceed now to fix this photon?


You can alsways use Safe Mode.


Put the Photon into SAFE Mode by doing as instructed below: