Can't claim Argon without iOS/Android App

Is there any way to claim an Argon/Xenon without the iOS or Android app? I tried using the CLI (v1.29.0), but the device didn’t show up. Any ideas?

Is the Argon breathing cyan?

If so then particle device add DEVICEID should work.

It’s blinking blue.

That’s not surprising v1.29.0 as a long time before mesh devices even were a thing.
We currently are at v1.32.5

When WiFi devices immediately enter this mode it indicates there may not be any WiFi credentials stored.
If your device is running rc.25 you should be able to set the WiFi creds via USB (e.g. particle serial wifi or with a serial terminal program sending the letter w).

I updated the CLI to v1.35.2. When I plug in the Argon using usb, it doesn’t show up in Device Manager under Ports (COM&LTP) like my ancient Core does. particle serial wifi gives the error “Error configuring Wi-Fi: No serial port identified.” particle device add [ID] gives the error “Failed to claim device: device not found.” I’m using Windows 10, if it matters.

Have you confirmed that your device is running rc.25?

How have you updated CLI?
If you haven’t done it via the most recent Windows Installer, you can uninstall and reinstall CLI and make sure to tick all the drivers to install or install the DFU drivers via zadig.

Does it show up at all?
If so, what category?

It’s very difficult to set up an Argon from the factory without the mobile app. While you can flash 0.8.0-rc.25 or later by USB, and set up Wi-Fi by serial, you also need to update the NCP (Network Coprocessor, the ESP32) when going from the factory to 0.8.0-rc.25 and later.

During mobile app setup, the NCP is upgraded by bluetooth.

It is possible to do it by USB, however the process is difficult. We’ll be providing documentation for doing it by USB soon but it’s not well documented now.

I updated the CLI using particle update-cli

It doesn’t show up in Device Manager at all.

I have not. I’m not sure how.

That has updated the CLI packages but hasn’t done anything in regards to updating the Windows drivers. For that you may want to run the installer again.

Agreed – please rerun the installer to get the latest Windows device drivers.