Cannot setup Photon

A white LED turns on and back off real quick then it’s back to solid green.

Weird. Haven’t seen solid green before.



I ran the commands, I get “File downloaded successfully” and the LED is blinking green, but not constantly i.e. it blinks fast for half a second and is completely off for the other half.

Edit 1:

The device is still not detected by the serial port.

Blinks green means that’s good. Attempting to connect to Wifi network.

@AllAboutEE, there’s only one mode that will open a serial port which is Listening mode. It’s stated in the documentation but i shan’t emphasize further.

Hold on the SETUP button until the RGB led goes off and release. Wait for to blink blue and do particle serial wifi

Flashing cyan

Flashing cyan means trying to connect to the :cloud:.

Look closely and see if there are red flashes in between. We should be able to fix the keys and you are good to go. :wink:

I edited my previous comment by mistake.

Yes. Please read this:

Everything is working now! Thanks for all the help, I learnt a lot in the process. :smile:

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