Cannot read property 'code' of undefined after particle update using CLI

Updating the RTOS on our custom PCB using the P1 module we got the following output on a few boards this morning. This is not a systemic problem with either the P1 or the CLI, we only have 4 boards showing this anomaly out of a few hundred so far.

Reading other posts regarding similar problems it seems the CLI output is rather short but what you see is all we got. Worse still, is the P1 is now completely unresponsive, no light, no reaction to any switches, not even seen as a USB device anymore, utterly devoid of any life.

It is possible that there is a short under the P1 module to one of the NC pins, we are checking into that.

My question at this point is, if a P1 has reached this state is there any way to recover it other than replace it? It appears there is nothing, not even the bootloader left on the P1. Like I said it is not even recognized as a USB device anymore.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,
Joerg Seiler

Hi @Jseiler

If we can trouble you, p lease flash the DeviceOS manually to the latest v2.0.0-rc.3 then do a Cloud Debug again:
You can manually flash the DeviceOS of your choice by following the instructions here (link).
Do not : do so without reading the instructions very carefully. Please keep track of which firmware parts should be flashed via DFU ( --usb ) and those which should be flashed via Serial ( --serial ). Under no circumstances should you have to use the --force argument.


Sample response from forum for your reference, please be cautious as the error reported is similar but situation might not be totally same as yours.

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