Cannot open DFU device! Electron

It’s show “Can’t open DFU Driver 2b04:d00a”


system firmware version 0.6.0-rc.2 but currently selected device is running system firmware version 0.4.9. and i will do this already. Tutorial: Installing DFU-Driver on Windows [24 Feb 2015]
What should I do?


Have you got the proper DFU drivers installed (by using ZADIG)?

Yes, i used Zadig already. My computer is WINDOW 8 or 10.

Is your Electron blinking yellow?
Does it show up in DevMgr as libusbK device?

Yes, My device blinking yellow now.

Does dfu-util - or even better CLI - still not find the device while blinking yellow?
Can you try a different USB cable and/or port (best 2.0)?
Sometimes USB 3.0 ports or hubs (even PC built-in ones) mess up the search for DFU devices.

Yes, i try change firmware to “0.6.0-rc.2” and “code verified” but can’t flash, Suggest me please.

You actually have the 0.6.0-rc.2 system firmware flashed to your device via CLI or dfu-util?

If you still haven’t got 0.6.0-rc.2 system version installed (which is a three-part upload via CLI/dfu-util - and something else than your application firmware) - then you need to do that first!
(BTW, that’s also what that message box is trying to tell you all along)

If you have, you can either download the binary and flash it via USB

particle flash --usb <yourFirmware.bin>

Or you force Build to update its device info by flashing a simple (even empty) project targeted for 0.4.9 OTA, then close and reload Build.
If it hasn’t updated to “On the device: 0.6.0-rc.2” try the CLEAR CACHE button in the settings drawer of Build.

After that you should be able to flash 0.6.0-rc.2 firmware OTA with Build too.

Here are the binaries required for the system update

And here is how it’s done
Particle Firmware Updates Thread

I install 3 Part of 0.6.0-rc.2 and install firmware.bin. complete

and yes,i try click clear cache already, but it can’t work. it’s still “On the device: 0.4.9” please.

Have you also done this?

Do it, right? Can’t work.

On second thought, for Electron there never was a 0.4.9, so you should try 0.4.8 as target.

The On the device: 0.4.9 is a wrong info.

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@ScruffR It OK and I used Flash OTA Anyway but “unsuccessful”

Was the device online (breathing cyan) at that time?
Did it flash magenta?

Yes, and now blinking cyan when flash it doesn’t show blinking magenta.

Then try to put the device into Safe Mode (breathing magenta) and retry the OTA flash.