Cannot create webhook [Solved]


I am trying to create a simple webhook but with no success.
Here is the json file:

    "event": "rob/tempsrednja",
    "url": "",
    "requestType": "POST",
	"noDefaults": true,
    "json": {
        "name": "tempsrednja",
		"value": "{{SPARK_EVENT_VALUE}}"
    "mydevices": true

And here is the output of cli:

C:\svn\ReberHisa\reber>particle webhook create rebertemp.json
Using settings from the file rebertemp.json
Sending webhook request  { uri: '',
  method: 'POST',
   { event: 'rob/tempsrednja',
     url: '',
     deviceid: undefined,
     requestType: 'POST',
     mydevices: true },
  headers: { Authorization: 'Bearer 3221cde31a9246a9513bab4247cc23f46eeaa41a' } }

However particle webhook list is empty, and also nothing gets posted to my endpoint.

How can I debug this?

nevermind, I’ve updated particle cli to 1.8.22 and now it seems to work.