Cannot connect Boron 2G 3G to cloud without battery

Cannot connect Boron 2G 3G to cloud without battery even when using Micro USB with 2.0Amp Power

Also tried with USB WallnSocket which is 5V with 2.4Amp and still does not connect. Boron LED stays at flashing green.

I need to connect Boron without Battery, hence any other options here on how to bypass the battery.

Thank you.

@rghafur ,

Well what you are trying to do should be possible. According to the data sheet a power supply that can source 2A at 5V should work.

That said, not all wall socket adapters deliver what they promise and not all USB cables have the gauge of wire needed to deliver 2A without too much loss. I am not sure if these tests are feasible for you but you might want to test:

  • A bench power supply connected to Vin and GND with AWG 20 or lower wires
  • Your current setup with a logging voltmeter or digital oscilloscope that could check to see if the voltage is “sagging” when the current demand is at its peak. These dips can be short and many not show up on a typical voltmeter.
  • Source a reputable supply such as this one from Adafruit and use a USB-C to micro USB adapter.

I have had some experience with the Boron 2G/3G but I ended up sourcing a 6V / 2A power supply and connecting it to Vin using AWG 20 wires. This worked well but, unfortunately, the exact power supply I bought is no longer available.

Hope this helps,


You need to change the power manager maximum input current. The default is 900 mA, which is not enough to connect to 2G/3G without a battery. Set it to the maximum value, 1500.

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@rickkas7 This should be noted in the docs. Even an “*” next to it so we know there’s something else that needs to be done.

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated and we have managed to change the default to 1500 and using a Raspberry Pi charger, however on some occasions the Boron does not connect and when we plug the battery it connects straight away. Any other configurations that can help. Thanks

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