Can Photon handle 10 amps at 5v? [Solved]

I am looking to hook up some neopixels by Adafruit (seen here) to the Photon (~4 units). I’m going to power those Neopixels (each using about ~2/3 amps when fully powered) with a 5v 10 amp switching power supply.

I also wanted to use this same supply to power the VIN and GRND of the Photon. Can the Photon handle a max of 10amps at 5v?

Thanks for any help :smile:

The Photon can handle the 5v input but it will only consume approx 1 amp and no more under normal conditions.

Thanks for your help @RWB . So if I feed it more than 1amp I could possibly fry it? I didn’t know if it had a regulator on board. I just want to make sure I don’t blow the internals.

Never mind. Did a bit more research. The photon should be fine, it’ll just draw the 5v.

Thanks for the help :smile:

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