Can I use SparkCore in Japan?

Can I use SparCore in Japan?
CC3000 seems it already has TELEC certification because I found very similar name in Japanese government site: “CC3000MOD”.

Japanese site:�F��&LN=15&R1=&R2=

However, TI’s document and site don’t have its information. Do you think SparkCore can be used in Japan?

Additional information:

@lkeyasu how are you planning on using the Core? The Core will certainly work on Japanese Wi-Fi networks, provided that they are configured to broadcast on US channels (1-11).

Are you considering using the Core for commercial development? CC3000MOD is the full part number of the CC3000, and the link from TI’s wiki certainly indicates that it’s received TELEC certification.


I’m planning to use the Core for prototyping. I am very happy with I can use the Core in Japan.

I hope the Core could be used for commercial development if my prototyping will be succeeded.

Thank you for your good advice!