Can I use I2C or UART ports on a Grove Shield for digital signal (I've run out of available analog and digital ports)?

I need one (1) more port on a Grove Mesh Shield for a project I’m working on. I’ve used up all the digital and analog ports. Am I able to use either the I2C or UART port to connect either a 4-digit display (which requires a V, GND, DIO, and CLK) or a DHT11 (which requires a V, GND and Signal)?

The Grove Shield for Particle Mesh is described here:

I can just remove the Shield and use a breadboard but it would be cleaner and faster if I could somehow use the Shield.


Why not something like this I/O expander?


Thanks, @Mjones. I can remove the Argon from the shield and get to more ports by placing the Argon on a breadboard, but I figured I’d check to see if there’s an easy way to utilize the remaining I2C or UART ports. When I’m done I’ll have four (4) displays, one (1) DHT11, and one (1) RGB LED on the Argon so there are quite a few wires. Not a biggie if I have to move it to a breadboard but it would be easier and cleaner to use the shield.

You may be able to, I’ll let others chime in on the I2C since I’m not very familiar with it. @ScruffR may be able to provide some input.

I haven’t looked at the Grove Shield how many and which pins it exposes, but yes you can use any pin as digital signal pins and yes you probably will have more pins at your disposal when you use the devices without a shield that will potentially not expose all pins.

BTW, what four displays are you using? Are they I2C? Can the be set for independet addresses?

Your question might have resulted in me answering my own question. I’m using TM1637 displays. The following link makes me think I should be able to use one of the I2C ports.

I just have to go back and refresh my memory on how to address those pins in my code but I should be able to figure it out with a little research.

Thanks again, @ScruffR

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