Can connect to a peripheral, requires authentication

Hi all! Im new to ble protocol, so far I read the reference given by particle in the tutorials and docs. I just started to try to connect to peripheral that is a smart lock( but for connecting I need to do some prior authentication and exchange data with the peripheral in order to be connected. Is there some hints that Im missing in order to achieve the connection and these exchange of data, thanks all.

I’m not sure if you can connect to this door opener I search their entire website and I can’t found any BLE 5.0 API. I found something here: Bluetooth GATT services and maybe you should ask them or search a little deeper on their community forum. Also here is something

OK I found something: here is a compendium of knowledge about their API :slight_smile: but is not easy

Hi @dreamER yes you can connect to these opener but you need to also authenticate to it with all the steps depicted in their developers guide, the key thing here is to subscribe to events for the GDIO of the lock using:


Thank you for the answer but I’m not really interested in this manner, at least at this time :slight_smile: In previous answer I just want to help you some how to “bite” this. Also, to be honest, Your solution from my point view, is just the “pointer” to the real solution. I can’t follow step by step (and nobody in the future can’t follow) based on your answer and achieve connection between Argon and Nuki door opener.

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