Unable to connect to Windows BLE peripheral from Argon central

Hi there,

I'm using an Argon as a BLE central in order to connect to a Windows laptop acting as a BLE peripheral. However, I've run into a bit of a predicament as it seems that the two parties do not want to talk to each other. The Argon is able to quickly connect to other devices (e.g. another Argon) that match the scan criteria I set (in this case a single service UUID for BLE UART), and I am able to connect and view the UART data being streamed from the Windows peripheral service using my phone and the Bluefruit app.

Here's a minimal example that I am using to test on my Argon:


void setup() {

void loop() {
	if (BLE.connected()) {

	else {
		BleScanFilter filter;
		Vector<BleScanResult> scanResults = BLE.scanWithFilter(filter);

		for(int i = 0; i < scanResults.size(); i++) {
			Serial.printlnf("Found device: %s", scanResults.at(i).address().toString().c_str());
			Serial.printlnf("Name: %s", scanResults.at(i).scanResponse().deviceName().c_str());

			if(BLE.connected()) {
			else {
				Serial.println("Failed to connect!");

What this logs is the following, indicating the Argon can see the device (with correct address and device name), but for some reason cannot connect.

Found device: 4A:B1:AC:AF:D4:3F
Name: R5313877
Failed to connect!

However, the Argon sometimes will connect - but this can either happen first try or after 20 minutes, so I'm a bit stumped as to what is going on. Is there some Windows privacy or security feature that the Argon isn't compatible with? I know it isn't a standard use case for Windows to act as a peripheral but my phone connects just fine so I'm thinking it's some configuration or limitation on the Argon side.

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