Calls to API from Javascript in a Webapp get left 'Pending' after multiple calls

I built a web application that utilizes the particle js sdk to monitor and provide controls for my devices. The general workflow is this: login authenticated through api, navigates to the home screen which has 14 devices from 2 different products, so it calls listDevices for each of those products. The returned devices each call getEventStream to get live monitoring data. This is where issues arise, after a few of these calls execute and return success, the rest end up hanging with status ‘pending’ in the browser’s network console. At this point, every call made to the API fails, including ones made from As of two days ago, this had been working as expected, and no changes were made to number of devices or functionality. Has there been any changes on the API end that may have resulted in this issue? Or some debugging that can be done to verify that those requests made it to the API? It seems like my requests are being limited within my entire account when I run this interface.

Yes, this should be resolved. It is the same root cause as this incident involving having a large number of console pages open in a browser.

I’ll test my applications now

I seem to still be getting ‘Pending’ network requests from the web-app. So I still seem to be impacted.