Buying from Amazon

Just bought a 2G Electron from Amazon. It seems like there is no intermediate store involved and Amazon is directly selling this product (which probably means it might be available in future as well).
Would we see the latest asset tracker shield (version # 2 in 2G) put up on amazon as well ? Any time soon ?


With 2G you should be checking coverage and life expectancy of that standard in your area - in some places it seem to have been phased out already or will be soon.

I am hoping it to be around for at least next three years. Thanks @ScruffR for sharing the thought though. Do i need to ping someone from Particle Sales to check on this deal with Amazon ? Apparently Amazon is proving to be the most ideal shipping provider (for me) …

When it’s sold and shiped by Amazon, that’s fine, but as for the availability of other products on Amazon @will might know more.

Hey @omer – we’d like for our entire product line to be up on Amazon. We’re planning on getting the new version of the Asset Tracker Shield on there, but don’t have a specific date or time that we can guarantee. Amazon makes it hard to get products approved on their site, so it may take anywhere between a few weeks and a few months.

Hi @will … thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear that and looking forward to see more Particle on Amazon. Shipping works funny in different parts of the world. For some, Amazon might turn out to be the most ideal option.