Button Shield for SparkCore

So i’d like to share something I’ve been working on for a couple of months, since way before I actually had a SparkCore.

It’s a Shield that gives you a 2x2 grid of translucent silicon rubber buttons (yes the SparkFun ones) the buttons are illuminated from behind by 4 x WS2812 RGB LED’s.

The LED’s can be used for feedback of the button pushes as well as being notifications and feedback of other events etc.

Obviously you could use the shield to interface to whatever cool project your working on that needs some button input.

I can also see the shield and SparkCore combination being useful in playing with the Internet of Things and other smart devices. They would make great control pads for smart lamps like the Lifx or Phillips Hue etc.

I’m intend to launch a small Kickstarter so i can make up a batch of these and get them out to you Makers.

I’ll provide a couple of demo firmwares for obvious use cases and situations.

Big thanks to the Spark team for making such and awesome platform for these kind of projects.


Cool! I think it’s awexome you put NeoPixels on there… I always wondered if that was possible. BTW I just updated my library port last night: https://github.com/technobly/SparkCore-NeoPixel