Bulk import Xenons

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Are the only ways to bulk import devices through the following?

  • The product api
  • The import button on a product page

Because I am trying to make a Product for bulk upload of 50 Xenons and Xenon isn’t there.


Hi @emile! We don’t yet offer Xenon-based Products, so most bulk import functions will not work for Xenons (apart from scripting something to the https://docs.particle.io/reference/device-cloud/api/#claim-a-device endpoint).


That’s because Products have to be Internet/Particle Cloud connected and Xenons can only do that as part of a Mesh Network where the gateway would need to be either a Boron or an Argon - both of which are on the list. You can’t have an Ethernet Winged Xenon as a product! If you do a search on the community you will get a better explanation and background to this ‘feature’ of the commercials of Particle product charging and why it has to be Wi-Fi or Cellular.

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