BULBING Lamp mod, Spark-Angular-Starter demo

Hey guys, here’s a lamp mod that I threw together that demonstrates the Spark AngularJS module I’ve been working on!

In typical over-engineering fashion, I needed to solve a problem. My girlfriend typically goes to bed earlier than I do, and I’m left to stumble around in the darkness with a flashlight to find my way to bed. I converted this lamp from an on/off switch to a fully-scalable 0%-100% PWM-driven web-controlled app with the Spark! Now I am able to set the lamp to 5% brightness from my phone, just enough for me to see the edge of the bed and it doesn’t wake her up.

The Angular app is a work in progress, but some of you might be interested in checking it out regardless.

Resource links:

Enjoy, and thanks for browsing :slight_smile:



That’s really awesome, thanks for sharing!

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I saw this on Reddit and immediately came here to see if you had posted. You have indeed! This is awesome!

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@wgbartley haha nice! I’m totally trying to figure out how to get the Spark Core flair…

Can we get a link to the reddit post?

Same post content though sorry!

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No worries. I like to upvote things that are interesting :smile:

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