Mr Wolowitz Lamp

I write a monthly column in a dutch newspaper (De Volkskrant) in which I show people builds of stuff that they can do at home. For this months instalment, which prints tomorrow, august 30th 2014, I used a spark core to switch on or off a lamp at my home. I made this lamp-switch available on my website, so anyone can turn on, or off, my lamp. I added a webcamfeed to my site and an LCD to my spark so people can see that they are actually controlling my lamp.

I made a very simple English site here:
and a more fancy, wordpress powered version in dutch here:

all code, both for the core as for my website is posted in this repo:

Hope someone can (re-)use part of this!




This is so fun! Great project @RolfHut !

Very nice! Congratulations!
What is the board above the Spark Core breadboard?
Edit: I gues that is the Velleman kit you mentioned to switch on the light…

That’s Awesome! might have to borrow some code :smile:

That is a Velleman K2634. It allows me to switch mains. I started working on this before the spark board that lets you do the same was released. Currently: I would suggest the spark board.

Awesome @RolfHut!, thanks for sharing.