HI, im a newbie and need help with basic programme questions

Hi, i have never programmed before. I would like to start learning (never too late), i have some few questions for this community.

im interested in doing a little project for myself. I want to create a wifi controlled light bulb like in that short part of the video advertising spark.

i would like to control the light using my smartphone like for example philips hue lights. but mine would be wifi enabled as philips hue is acting as repeaters i am guessing.


=what hardware i would need?

=What programme i should learn and needed to make this function? (description of what the programme does would help)

anymore further questions might arise. thank you for your time.

I’m a newbie on electronics and found this very helpfull: http://bildr.org/2011/03/high-power-control-with-arduino-and-tip120/ It’s uses an arduino, but the idea is the same. You can fade a lightbulb.
If you just want to switch on a lightbulb on 110V AC or 230V AC you’ll need to use a relay.

Turning the light on or off could be easily done by using the spark cloud ( If I’m not mistaking…) More info on that will be released one of these days I think.

I am a beginner programmer myself and if you can host a webpage this will get you started real quick!
Some webpages for easy pulling data from your core and controlling over the internet.


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Welcome to the world of programming Sam (@monkeyz)!
I’m a bit puzzled about the twist your question took :wink:

For the operation you intend to perform, you would not need any programming really - the :spark: Core preinstalled Tinker firmware in connection with the Android/iOS Tinker app is already all the software you need for that - the only thing left is some circuitry to connect your Core to the desired light source - preferably LEDs since they are easy to control digitally.
But do you need some info about the electronic side of the problem or a starter for software delvelopment, and if that more on the firmware side of the Core or the other end of the communication (e.g. smart phone)?

As a good starting point for any of the above fields you might want to have a look at the :spark: Spark Docs pages.

If it’s software dev in particular - and you a more a watcher (like me) than a reader - than you might find the Harvard CS50 computer science channel entertaining :wink: and informative (from week 2 onwards you’ll get some easy lead into C the programming language that is used for the Core firmware programming).

Edit: Just realized how old the original post was :blush: but welcome @Yannis, too!

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