Build UI Feedback


First off, this thing is super cool. Well executed on you guys’ part.

I’ve been seeing a couple of issues with the build UI:

  1. if you run verify, the result only stays on the console for a short amount of time before the console is reset to say ‘Ready!’ This is frustrating, as I was leaving the tab to go kill time while my script compiled. I’d come back and see ready, but really compilation had failed and an error report had been there for a second. I just never saw it.

  2. If you try and upload, and there’s a compilation error, it’s never told to the user. I tried to upload a script. It will “compile”, then say ‘Flash successful! Please wait a moment while your Core is updated…’ but the core is never updated, and no lights blink. No errors are given. This is especially frustrating as ‘treat warnings as errors’ is enabled, so even a warning will cause flashing the device to fail without notice.


Hi @gradymorgan , we’ve put a lot of effort into making this more user friendly since you initially posted this (partially in response to people like yourself voicing their feedback/ideas/etc – thanks for sharing!). I think the issues you described are mostly resolved, please let us know if this isn’t the case or any other feedback that will help us improve.